media companies

Media and Entertainment companies are struggling to keep up with the dawn of new technologies while reducing cost pressures.

For every media and entertainment company, all the new technologies have made it a tough job to maintain customer attention and grow user base. Add to this, the ever changing demands from the customer.

Our team at MattsenKumar helps numerous media and entertainment companies improve their growth by leveraging analytics – be it speech or social media. We help them generate actionable insights from their data.

We Serve

Media Companies

We help media companies to improve their contact center performance using Speech Analytics and provide them actionable insights for growth and process improvement.

Broadcasting Companies

We work with broadcasting companies and help them with world class analytics- speech and social media, helping them achieve better business outcomes


Media and broadcasting companies can achieve better returns on investment by relying on our analytics solutions tailored to their needs.

Analytics & Consulting

Our experts in speech and social media analytics help media companies to get better results from their data. Our quality team also helps them improve their critical processes by aligning them to business outcomes.