Enrolments and reduction in student churn are a must-have for every educational institution today.

With dwindling funding and proliferation of innovative methods of education, universities and educational institutions across the globe are struggling to maintain the momentum in student admissions. The ever-increasing rate of dropouts of enrolled students add to their pain in today’s competitive world.

Our teams at MattsenKumar have worked with numerous top educational institutions across the globe helping them reduce their student churn and stay on track of their goals.

We Serve

Universities & Colleges

We help universities and other educational bodies improve their student churn, build high impact processes and boost their brand loyalty.

Educational Agencies

We have worked with educational agencies to increase their revenues, reduce their turnaround times and improve their customer service operations.


MattsenKumar’s Contact Center Solutions and Analytics & Consulting teams work extensively with educational institutions across the globe helping them with improvement of their processes and much more.

Contact Center Solutions

Our team has helped educational institutions improve their contact center operations thereby boosting their customer loyalty and revenues. Also we have helped many of them with management of their back office operations for admissions, query management etc.

Analytics & Consulting

We have worked with various institutions, studying their processes like admissions, sales etc. and have designed better performing processes for them. Results were astounding for these institutions after our process redesign.