Corporate Social Responsibility at MK

At MK, we believe in the power of growing together. Be it our employees, our clients or the society, our values keep us aligned to the goal of inclusive growth which benefits everyone involved. Our focus on the society has led us to the formation of MK-Sparsh, a committee of our employees who work relentlessly on programs towards community outreach, women empowerment and sustainable social impact.

Our Focus & Impact

Various charitable initiatives taken by our team demonstrate the significant and enthusiastic levels of employee engagement. Several international and local organizations, selected by employee committees, are benefactors of these efforts. Examples of causes we love include Days for Girls distributions in collaboration with the Days for Girls Tacoma (WA, USA) Chapter and other non-profit organizations in the country.

Blood Donation Camps are also a regular activity held at MK to encourage employee community participation.


We partner with international and local non-profit organizations for our outreach programs.

Our focus is on areas like women empowerment, health and education for the groups in need. Our team identifies areas and projects where we can make maximum impact.


Another key area of focus for our CSR team is towards providing quality education to the underprivileged children.

Our team designs programs where they reach children living in orphanages with book donation, school supplies, and other focus programs.


At MK, we try to keep environment sustainability at the center of all our activities.

We try to bring a positive impact by bringing crucial changes to our daily activities. Like usage of reusable cups at workplace, paperless processes and carpooling for commutes.

MattsenKumar CSR Facts

We have strived hard to keep the momentum high on our CSR efforts and here are some figures we have achieved over the past few years. Our team:

  • Has over 250+ volunteers
  • Has completed over 50+ projects
  • Has invested more than 25000 volunteering hours
  • Has built 5+ partnerships with right organizations.

Project In Focus

MattsenKumar & Days for Girls

Days for Girls (www.daysforgirls.org ) is all about equality—giving millions of females a level playing field instead of being disadvantaged simply because of their gender. This is very in line with our company values—what matters most within our walls is ability. That’s crucial to providing an equal playing field for all.

The Beginning

About 2 years ago, our CEO Mike Mattsen and his wife Teri learned of Days for Girls (DfG) from their daughter’s school project. The more they learned about Days for Girls and the sustainable menstrual solutions they provide, the more they got hooked to the cause. Teri went ahead to form and lead a sewing chapter in Tacoma, WA which partnered with MattsenKumar (MK) in November 2017 to ensure that DfG kits reach women in need.

Since then MK in association with DfG has been working tirelessly to make a positive and lasting impact with the aim to provide women’s health education and sustainable hygienic menstrual solutions to girls throughout India.

Our Accomplishments

The first distribution drive took place in November 2017 when the DfG Tacoma, WA team flew down to India for an inaugural distribution of over 500 kits to needy women in the Kullu/Manali area of Himachal Pradesh and this drive was led by none other than the COO of MK, Aarati Kumar and a band of committed employees – men and women who volunteered enthusiastically. Since then we’ve conducted multiple distributions across Delhi, Gurgaon, and Jaipur, thus mobilizing several hundred women to manage their menstrual cycles in a sustainable manner.

Way Forward

Within both Delhi NCR and Jaipur regions, we’ve started by reaching out to small to mid-size slums, schools for economically marginalized children, displaced population etc. and we’re growing at the pace that our passion and willingness determines.

Of course, our primary mission is to deliver exceptional service to our clients. That pays the bills. But we also want to capitalize on a spirit that exists within our walls – a “mojo” that requires working hard, but also stresses finding time to not only “play hard” and celebrate successes….but also to give back.

To take this MK DfG journey forward we’re now working on setting up a DfG enterprise that’ll not only provide employment to women from underprivileged sections but also ensure that our outreach programme is not limited since we’ll be able to produce kits locally as per the need and demand.