Mike Mattsen, CEO and Aarati Kumar, COO

Maybe it’s the Facebook or Linked-In updates we see about many we used to work with. Or, perhaps it’s being pleasantly surprised by an old co-worker reaching after several years to say hello. Or heck, maybe it’s that we are just getting older! But we hear time and again how we should meet up with such and such and such and such----and we’ve decided to take action on those suggestions!

We are starting an Alumni Group for former MK and HQ team members and hope that you will join! In conjunction with that, we plan to host upcoming events and see if some of “the old gang” want to meet up and catch up. Now in our fourteenth year supporting HyperQuality (either “as” HQ or via our company MattsenKumar, or “MK”), we realize there are many different eras of “old gang” and that’s okay---it will be fun to reconnect! If you’re interested in possibly attending one of these events, simply complete the survey accessible via the link below and share your thoughts. Based on feedback, we will finalize the event(s) and will let you know and then get a formal RSVP. The Alumni Group is intended for team members who we (Mike and Aarati) have worked with either at MattsenKumar, HyperQuality or even vCustomer. We’ve named it “Forever MK” and before you think, “I wasn’t with MK”----we opted for that because it represents US---Mike (Mattsen=M) and Aarati (Kumar=K) and whether you are former MK, HQ or even vCustomer----one or often both of us may be the common link

Anyway, let us know of your interest and we hope to meet up with you soon. And yes, some of the long-time team members (Gaurav Rai, Sonali Banerjee, Tapshya Subba, Sudipto Chatterjee, Pankaj Molasi, Gaurav Gupta to name a few) will of course also be joining!

Also, if you haven’t already done so, please “like” our Facebook Page (MattsenKumar LLC) and if you want to learn more about MK (we are a full service BPO and “creative technology” service provider, please contact or check out www.MattsenKumar.com for more information.

Social outing ideas:(Let us know what you think)

From the preferences above, you can look forward to engaging with us in the following forums:

Business Networking

Nothing beats a heart to heart conversation with some old friends and some new. The possibilities are unlimited. So look for that white space in your calendar and block it the moment you hear from us.

Community outreach

Join us in our continued commitment to give back to society through our many projects in and around Delhi/ NCR for the upliftment of the underprivileged and the displaced. Be more!

Nature/ Sports/ Adventure

From adrenaline junkies to tree huggers we have something for everyone. Time to look for those long lost hiking boots, cricketing gear etc., and keep them handy.

Think Tank/ Knowledge Share

Our friends and colleagues may not be our designated teachers but one definitely learns from them. Explore the various peaks and troughs of industries worldwide our alumni belong to and who knows you'd have ample material to write the next bestseller.

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Meet our team

Gaurav Rai

Gaurav Rai

SVP - Buisness Insights Group
Amanbir Singh

Amanbir Singh

VP - Sales and BD
Sonali Banerjee

Sonali Banerjee

VP - Human Resource
rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma

VP - Technology

Tapashya Subba

VP - Quality Vertical

Vivek Anand

VP - Flipkart

Sudipto Chatterjee


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