Why India?
There is a reason that India is the largest offshore location for US and European companies desiring high quality and low costs---there remains a large quantity of highly educated and highly motivated workers available to meet these business needs. No other country has this large quantity of educated, English speaking resource.
We tried India but the accent issues impacted CSAT so we moved our voice work to The Philippines. Why should we reconsider?
India’s global outsourcing footprint grew VERY quickly in the early to mid 2000’s---and frankly, too quickly. Quality suffered, the supporting infrastructure (front line supervisors, speech and accent coaches, etc.) couldn’t keep up with demand, so many global customers did pull out or decide “Philippines for voice, India for back office.” However, as The Philippines and other offshore venues reach capacity, India is getting another look for voice, and provided the outsource partners are very careful about the who, they CAN meet voice needs, too. The top 10% of India voice agents are every bit as good and effective as voice agents ANYWHERE---the challenge is to ensure that outsource partners select these top pier performers.
What is your minimum for a new voice process?
We’re different that way too. Many BPO’s have 50 or even 100 FTE voice minimums because of the substantial investment required and the fact that economies of scale are needed to achieve desired efficiencies. We are very comfortable starting with a “toe in the water” approach----we’ve started many clients with ten or twenty FTE and some are our LARGEST clients now…because we deliver!
We tried offshore outsourcing but were not happy with the results and we pulled our work back stateside. Why should we consider it again?
Many companies that were caught up in the promise of significant cost reductions and the same or better CSAT were then shocked when neither result materialized----they found that the amount of “hand holding” (which included extra management and onsite attention) ate away at the rate reductions and that overall CSAT suffered because ultimately, an inferior product was delivered. With MK, we work with our clients to build a program that incrementally transforms and always achieves. We’ll suggest one small piece of one program as a launch point---lets get THAT right (resulting in lower costs AND acceptable CSAT)---THEN lets leverage the ability to scale that offshore offers. Then desired goals CAN and WILL be achieved and you’ll be sold on “leveraging the globe” for your customers!
How will MK be different in addressing accent challenges and issues?
MK has developed proven pre-selection techniques that ensure acceptable verbal, written and listening skills of all of our team members. We only hire one out of every thirty QUALIFIED applicants (that is, applicants who meet the education and work experience requirements that get them into the vetting process to begin with) and leveraging our very unique approach ensures the best of the best. Our agents will have accents, we are offshore after all, BUT we will work with you to define what is acceptable and what isn’t, and focus all resources on only getting dedicated team members who have the ability to meet and exceed expectations. And we do!
How do I know my data is secure? I have been reading recent articles about data theft. How buttoned down are you?
We are very proud that we have been PCI CERTIFIED since day 1 of our operations. This means we go through an annual certification audit that ensures we meet and exceed all credit industry requirements from a technology, facility and people infrastructure standpoint. Many firms will say they are “PCI compliant”----but if it’s not audited by an authorized third party to reach CERTIFICATION, can you trust it? Additionally, we have a work culture that stresses honesty and integrity---and not looking away if there happens to be ANY unusual happenings. Our team cares.
Will MK use a dedicated team for my process?
100% dedicated team and supervision----we believe that’s vital to ensuring maximum quality. We are an extension of your team and company---and we will work with you to ensure that our team members are as “co-mingled” with your teams as you desire. The synergies this can create is amazing!
How do you control your attrition when other BPO companies in India are experiencing 90-140% attrition ?
Attrition is a continuing challenge for every BPO globally, but we are gratified at having substantially below industry average levels of attrition. We believe there are a variety of factors that play into our success in this area: 1) We treat all team members with respect---there is a clear understanding of expectations and requirements and a support network that does our level best to help everyone achieve; 2) We continually solicit feedback and address any issues as soon as we hear about them. We have an employee survey process (“e-pulse”) that captures vital feedback MONTHLY and all findings are reviewed by the senior team EACH MONTH---this ensures proper attention on any potentially emerging gaps. 3) Finally, we try to offer competitive wages and benefits, and include in that a culture of strong variable rewards and positive recognition. We celebrate victories---team and individual, and don’t avoid addressing those times we fail (always a learning to be had). Our “work hard and play hard” culture seems to help keep our team here, motivated, and happy!
What makes MK different?
Before becoming MK, our team cut their teeth in BPO by being the largest third-party quality monitoring organization globally. With these origins in quality---we understand the difference between what makes a call good or effective and what behaviors to avoid. Because “quality is in our DNA”, we approach our voice support differently---and ensure that every step of the way, the best practices are utilized to ensure top performance.

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