5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Outsourcing Your Contact Center



In today’s rapidly-evolving society, customer satisfaction still remains the key to success for every organization. Whether you have an in-house team to handle your customer queries or have taken help from an outbound contact center, resolving any query raised by the customers to keep them happy is their utmost priority.

As an increasing number of businesses these days are focusing on expanding their clientele and services offered, it has become very difficult for them to manage their customer queries in-house. A range of roles and responsibilities that are expected to be executed by a team of in-house professionals also make it difficult to handle all the responsibilities single-handedly.

Therefore, outsourcing these services to an external team of experts can turn out to be a more profitable option. But, it is important to consider a few factors before outsourcing to a contact center. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Total Cost Involved

Cost is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider when planning outsourcing your in-house contact center services. Put simply, the handling and management of all these services internally involve a lot of additional costs. This cost can be in the form of recruitment and training of new staff, infrastructure facilities and others. Whereas, outsourcing this function to an external team may prevent you from any such additional labor and operational costs.

When planning to outsource, it is important to remember that the processes that demand expert knowledge for their execution should never be on the list of functions to be outsourced. It should always include such tasks that do not have any risk of disclosing any business secrets to the external world like handling customer queries and payroll management.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the leading factors to be considered when planning to outsource your contact center services. This is because the requirements at the time of signing a deal might vary from the present requirements. Therefore, if the service provider is not flexible to scale with you as per your requirements, then it might turn out to an all-loss deal.

Before finalizing a vendor for outsourcing your services, check with them for the possibility of adjusting the new requirements that may occur with your business expansion. It is also important to consider the terms and conditions of the deal if in case it has to be abandoned during its validity term. Always remember that an excellent service provider will always be happy to serve all your requests as and when they arrive. So, choose wisely.

3. Availability of Latest Technology

Technology has always been one of the major factors that affect the quality of customer service delivered by you. Therefore, it is important to stay updated and verify with the service provider about the availability and access to the latest technology. This, in turn, would enable the delivery of superior quality services to the customers.

While a lot of service providers might be in a position to offer the latest in technology, there are others who might have only the previous technologies available. Such a situation calls for a smart decision as the latest in technology would be available at a higher cost whereas the older versions would be available at pocket-friendly prices.

It is, therefore, important to be sure about your choice as opting for a technology that is available at a lower price might cost you high in terms of customer service and experience later. Whereas, a technology that calls for a high investment today might lead to excellent results in the near future.

4. Brand Image & Reputation

Businesses, these days, live by their social image and reputation. Therefore, it has become extremely important for them to consider their brand image when making a choice between an in-house team of experts and an external workforce.

It is important for the brands to understand that outsourcing to a poorly managed team of professionals may lead to a higher cost. This cost can also be in the form of a disconnect between the customer and the brand. Therefore, if the company offering outsourcing services is able to match your brand image with the level of services offered by them, your brand is sure to attain the new heights of success in the near future.

5. Risk Involved

Before outsourcing any business process, it is important to calculate the amount of risk involved that may vary from function to function. But, it is significant to understand that the core business functions should never be outsourced as doing so will leave little or no control over the central element of your organization.

On the contrary, development level projects can be safely outsourced and are viewed as a well-calculated risk. Working with a third-party involves a certain level of risk that can be managed easily as and when desired.

Managing In-house Contact Center is Expensive

It is, hence, clear that managing an in-house contact center is an expensive affair. While it certainly gives you more control over the human resources deployed at your center, the same can also be attained by outsourcing it to a reliable outsourcing company. Therefore, it is the best idea to outsource these tasks to an external team of experts as this will not only improve productivity but will also help you in generating the best possible results.


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