10 Effective Ways to Deliver Top-Notch CX Every Time


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When a customer is asked about the best customer experience he/she ever had in his/her life, it would hardly take him/her a few seconds to smile and begin narrating the story. The same is the case when someone has had a negative experience with a brand. In short, excellent customer experience is what can keep your customers happy and vice-versa. Therefore, if a brand fails to meet this requirement, its loyal customer base is sure to get impacted.

For a customer-centric business, delivering exceptional customer experience is crucial to stay ahead of their competitors. Many organizations understand this fact and therefore, put in the best of their efforts to meet their exact demands and requirements. A recent survey conducted has revealed that 73 percent of customers consider customer experience as a crucial determiner when taking a purchasing decision. Another study has shown that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.

Creating an incredible customer experience takes much effort. From monitoring the level of customer experience delivered to planning the most impactful strategies for improvement, there are several ways to enhance the quality of customer experience provided. A few of these are as mentioned below:

1. Make Skill-Based Alignment of Agents With Customers

Since agents regularly interact with the customers, it gets easier for them to understand their exact psyche. This understanding is then used to formulate plans in a way that may help in delivering improved customer experience. Involving agents who have the first-hand experience in handling customers can be a great help in developing a plan that works and proves beneficial. It would get easier to formulate customer-centric solutions and strategies to attain better results.

2. Stay Customer-Centric

Customers stay at the heart of every organization. Therefore, it is essential to treat them with the utmost respect and keep them happy with your services. Adopting the ‘customer first’ approach in your services can impact your business to a large extent. Following this will not only inspire positivity and brand loyalty in your customers but will also boost your sales. Embrace this culture in your entire organization and even with your employees to change the way your brand is perceived in the market.

3. Keep Your Employees Happy

Keeping your employees happy at work is one of the most crucial elements of delivering an excellent customer experience. One must understand that a happy employee handles all the customer queries and requests happily even when he/she is not in a good mood. He/she takes the responsibility of maintaining the company’s goodwill and reputation in the market. In simple terms, a happy employee plays a crucial role in keeping your customers happy with your services. Therefore, no compromise should be made in terms of keeping your employees happy and gratified at work.

4. Listen To Your Customers’ Concerns

This is one of the most crucial elements of delivering excellent customer service. It is vital for every company to listen carefully to their customers’ concerns and take immediate actions required. They must find ways to collect their customers’ feedback and use it to improve their overall operations. This, in turn, will not only help in growing their business as a whole but will help bring excellence in the level of customer service delivered.

5. Train Your Employees Better

Having a team that values your customers is not enough. It is important to equip them with the right knowledge and train them in such a way that they can handle all their queries like an expert. Train them on skills like knowing their customers’ better, delivering an improved experience and handling their queries smartly. Doing so will not only enable the delivery of better customer experience but will also help in creating a better brand image.

Customer Experience

6. Look For Values Rather Than Skills

While it is essential to hire such agents who have the requisite skills to deliver performance, but skill-set should never be the basis of someone’s selection. Having an ability to work under pressure and meeting tight deadlines are important characteristics but being able to make their customers feel valued is a must-have. Therefore, try and take such people onboard who are capable of delivering excellent customer service and can be trained easily to implement proven strategies.

7. Use Multi-Channel Speech Analytics

With an increasing number of communication channels available for customers such as calls, chat, email and social, it is now easier for customers to connect with the contact center agents. This, in turn, increases the responsibility on the contact centers to ensure the delivery of seamless customer experience across all channels. When all these interactions are analyzed using multi-channel speech analytics software, it gets easier to derive relevant insights. Doing so would not only help in formulating a better plan of action to deliver enhanced CX but also in understanding the entire customer experience journey so far.

8. Don’t Emphasize Too Much On Using Advanced Communication Channels

While there are a lot of newer and advanced modes of communication available for customers, it is necessary for the contact centers to be wary of over-emphasizing on them. There can be customers who still feel much more comfortable interacting over the phone than chat. Do not try to push such customers to use chatbots and alike. It is important to understand that when a customer is allowed to communicate over their preferred channel of communication, they are very likely to share more information and vice-versa.

9. Learning Is A Continual Process

It has been rightly said that the companies should never stop learning about their customers. In the present scenario, it is all about how well a company knows its customers that helps differentiate it from its competitors as well as enable them to continue interaction with the customers even after sales. The brands must remember that it is necessary to continue to know their customers so that it gets easier to build a long-term relationship.

10. Learn from Your Competitors

Keeping a close tab on your competitors’ activities and how well they are serving their customers can enable the delivery of excellent customer service. Know their strategies, understand their tactics and the way they handle their customers’ queries and concerns. Having all this information available at one’s disposal can serve as a great help in attaining better results and delivering better customer experience.


Excellent customer experience cannot be delivered by setting up some predefined standards. It is required to stay updated and keep implementing innovative technologies and strategies. Make sure that the feedback is collected from the customers regularly and the necessary changes implemented. After all, winning over the market is all about keeping your agents as well as customers happy. Remember, if the customer experience is delivered the right way, you are sure to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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  1. Good article! I liked all the points you have mentioned to achieve exceptional customer experience. But, point number 3 caught my attention. I feel “feeling good” is contagious. Investing in how employees feel is investing in customers also. Treating agents like customers and giving them excellent tools such as CSAT.AI, Salesforce Einstein, etc enables them to provide customers a good experience.

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