10 Best Practices To Follow And Know More With Mystery Shopping


mystery shopping program

Every business wants to be its customers’ preferred choice. Be it in terms of customer service, products offered or any other, companies these days want to stay at an edge over their competitors and hence, keep trying some unconventional ways to improve. Implementing a mystery shopping survey is one such way.

Mystery shopping is the process in which an individual is made to personally visit a general store, bank or any other similar place to get an inside view of the type of customer experience (CX) delivered. A successfully executed program is essential to gain an insight into their customers’ experience, measure the proficiency of the employees and determine key behaviors that may help in attaining maximum customer delight.

Since mystery shopping program can capture such minute details that are very likely to be missed by an average reviewer, executing this program can help influence customers’ purchase decisions, attitude and feelings towards the brand in the near future. Therefore, when a business plans to implement this program, it is important to use the skills of an experienced mystery shopper who can get a detailed view of the customer experience offered by the brand.

To ensure its successful implementation, it is significant to follow the best practices of mystery shopping. Read on to know some of the proven methods of a successful mystery shopping program.

1. Predefine Objectives

Be clear and specific about the objectives of the mystery shopping program. Define aspects such as behavioral traits of the employees on seeing a customer entering the store, the profiling questions to be asked, the conclusion of the conversation, the tone of the team members, and others. Being clear about such aspects would ensure the success of the entire program.

2. Include A Mix of Subjective & Objective Questions

Questionnaires play a crucial role in defining the success of a mystery shopping program. While it is essential to keep it simple, asking a mix of subjective and objective questions would be a great idea. Another way of attaining detailed insights about the customers is by asking an objective-based question followed by a comment detail about the customer to share details. This can be a subtle way to ask for further information from the customers without acting completely unusual.

3. Communicate With Brand’s Staff

The mystery shoppers should communicate with the brand’s staff. This is done to collect maximum inputs from them and make sure that there is no critical information missed. Doing so would allow the mystery shopper to plan such a report that contains the most suitable plan of action to be implemented and attain the desired business goals.

4. Use It To Encourage Employees

The idea behind implementing a mystery shoppers program should be to encourage employees. It should never be used as a tool to spy on them as doing so is sure to impact their performance and demotivate them. The program should always have such a design that makes them feel valued, appreciate